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Adria Events DMC, Croatia

Zagreb has managed, despite its size, to retain its soul untouched by alienation.


Visitors may have a sense of deja-vu while strolling down the cobblestone streets of Zagreb’s medieval Upper Town or sipping an espresso on the patio of a turn-of-the-century hotel. For years, moviemakers have been using the city’s classic Austro-Hungarian architecture as a stand-in for capitals like Vienna or Budapest. It is Zagreb you see in many mini series, including “The Winds of War” and in feature films starring Richard Gere, George C. Scott, William Hurt, Jane Seymore, Merryl Streep or Richard Chamberlain.

The Upper Town’s picturesque Stone gate, the site of a popular religious shrine, and its towers and fortifications are major tourist attractions. Its churches and chapels, especially its twin-spired neo Gothic cathedral, the lovely Church of St. Mark and the lavishly baroque Church of St. Catherine are also popular with visitors.

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