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Adria Events DMC, Croatia

Split - where the new of today meshes with the old of yesterday


Today’s Split is the product of 17 centuries of building, renovating and remodelling, so that the new of today meshes with the old of yesterday. At the core of this sprawling cityscape is the palace that Emperor Diocletian built for his golden years at the turn of the 4th century.

What began as an imperial residence and fortified camp is today an intriguing warren of narrow cobblestone streets, where pre-Romanesque churches live alongside Gothic chapels, history-filled museums abut galleries of contemporary art and delicious-smelling restaurants compete with bustling cafes for the attention of passers-by.

Wandering through the open air market or sitting on sun-warmed stone, it is easy to forget that behind the two-metre-thick walls, there is a modern, busy port. And it is that juxtaposition which lies at the very heart of Split’s charm. The mausoleum of the pagan Roman emperor evolved with time into world’s oldest Roman Catholic church.

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