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Hvar - Activities

City Sightseeing

Take the opportunity to join us for a guided tour of the most notable sites in Hvar. Discover the historical legacy of Hvar step by step and listen to the stories of the town citadel, the mediaeval walls, the monasteries and the palaces.

Speed Boat Safari

The legend says that the Paklinski islands came into existence as a result of a secret love between the sea god Poseidon and a nymph. Spend a day away from the crowded beaches, enjoy the sun in the serenity of the hidden coves, swim in a crystal-clear blue sea and relax in the untouched nature or the Paklinski islands.


Discovering Hvar's beauty is only a bike ride away. Pedal your way into small towns where the locals will reward your efforts with hospitality, domestic specialities, as well as recommendations for your journey onward.

Hiking and Trekking

Some say that the best things in life are taken slowly, granting maximum pleasure and serenity. Hvar invites those with meandering souls to hike through its lush hills and across its rocky shores.

Island Jeep Safari

From hidden coves on the coast to the vineyards in the heart of the island, let us take you on a jeep safari packed with an exciting array of spectacular landscapes and azure vistas.

And many more – scuba diving, free climbing, cove and cave exploring, wine tastings...