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Dubrovnik - Activities

Walking Tour of the Old Town

Precious as a museum, Dubrovnik is much more than that – it is a city bustling with life, redolent in history. Walk its streets with our expert guides and discover the stories of the ancient times during the walking tour of the old town.

Walking rally

Explore Dubrovnik in a competitive way, read the map, follow the instructions, interact with the locals, have fun and try to win a walking rallye.

Private cruise

Escape daily routine and forget about stress. Let yourself be pampered and relax on board a luxurious yacht exploring some of over 1000 Croatian islands.

Cruise to Elaphite Archipelago

Relax on board of an old timer, chill out sipping a refreshing drink in a sunset, listen to the wind in the sails, feel the salty breeze in your hair… Enjoy the cruise to the Elaphite Archipelago.

Wine route

Spoil your senses and indulge in taste and scent of old wine cellars – explore the Wine Route with us.


Sun, waves, fun and competition combined? Why not? Regatta to the Elaphite islands includes all these components - we just have to add the tropheys for the winning team...