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Opatija - Nice of Adriatic

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Opatija was founded at the end of 19th century at the place where the sea has cut deepest into the land, right up towards the heart of Europe, below Mt Ucka (1401). It has attracted numerous famous visitors ever since 1844, when Villa Angiolina was built for the wealthy merchant Higinio von Scarpa.

Thanks to its exceptionally mild climate, lush vegetation and beautiful parks, Opatija has recently become very popular - visits of Croatian Viceroy Josip Jelacic and Austrian Empress Anna put Opatija to the list of favourite destinations for jet setters. Other personalities of noble rank followed: Princess Luise von Sachsen Coburg, Romanian king Charles I, the Swedish-Norwegian king Oscar etc.

Feel the atmosphere of a former Austro-Hungarian noblemen’s resort, take a walk along 12 km long illuminated promenade by the sea (lungo mare), smell the roses in one of the beautiful gardens and parks….