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Hotel Pucic Palace *****

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Hotel Pucić Palace *****
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The Pucic Palace is situated in the centre of the old town.
Once one of the finest noble homes of its time, The Pucic Palace features superb rooms (19 altogether), a raised terrace and the space and comfort typical of the pleasurable world of Renaissance palaces.

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For centuries, as Dubrovnik proved to be a popular destination along ancient trade routes, the Pucic Palace became the favoured residence for senators, travellers and artists  - a place for distinguished personalities and it has finally opened its doors once again. Though the hotel interior is intimate in nature, the design is warm and welcoming – great attention to historical details was combined with sensitivity to comforts of the modern world. The feeling is one of an old, stately home passed down for generations with great consideration and care.

The hotel has the restaurant, caffe and the wine bar.